Mini Challenge 2: Magic Machine


Problem: We need different possible suitable interfaces while designing our sharing solution application. Different possible interface experiments are not possible in a short span of time.

Solution: The Hardcore Interface Generator. The HIG (Hardcore Interface Generator) plans and designs best possible new and creative interface, when a mobile is passed through the HIG box.
You can obtain as many different interfaces as you may want to produce.


– Time saving                    -Too fast
-Direct problem solving -Discards human creative thinking




then some magic happens



And Bamm we got the interface !!



Contre Jour

Our Team:

Hello people we are Contre-Jour. We are Design undergrads from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. We joined this competition to contribute our bit of knowledge to the design world in order to solve problems and make people’s life better and happier. We are looking forward to create a change in world (big or small, it doesn’t matters) through our ideas and design to bring out positive impact.


nawaz dp
Nawaz Hassan

Hello, I am Nawaz, team leader of Contre-Jour. I am a design sophomore from  Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. Simple curious guy learning about design who loves to observe things around him. Other than design i am interested in gaming, football, quora and i love cats.

raj dp
Raj Agrawal

Hello I am Raj, design sophomore from Indian Institute of technology, Guwahati. I am hardcore gamer and i make cool illustrations. I love sleeping and solitude.

rupal dp.jpg
Rupal Patel

Hello this is Rupal from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. I am design sophomore here and i am very optimistic about life. People like talking to me and they say i have a very colorful persona.

sidhart dp.jpg
Sidharth Pratheep

Hello i am Sidharth, design sophomore from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. I love playing Fifa and Dota. I spent my time learning new design techniques and also i am a foodie.

prasath dp
Prasath Siva

Hello i am Prasath design freshmen from Indian Institute of Technology. I love playing Dota and i spend my time doing projects on After-Effects. I am a techie kinda guy.

Mini Challenge 1:

Thought Process

The last time we shared something was a room in our hostels. Looking back at the time we spent sharing the room together with someone else, we see it as a situation where you share all the resources available to you while making sure that you do not compromise on your comfort. The kind of interaction we had with this someone changed from a really formal way to a benevolent one. Technology aided us further in the communication process and getting in touch with each other. The most obvious outcome of the sharing process was the fact that it strengthened the bond within the community as a whole.